Beach Day Advice from Your Miami Veterinarian

Break out the swimsuits, pump up those beach balls, and load up that picnic basket because summer is almost upon us. And here in Miami, that means one thing: beach days. But just because you want to spend a day lounging on the sand doesn’t mean you have to leave your furry friend home alone. You can enjoy a veterinarian-approved beach party in Miami if you remember a few tips.

  1. Find a pet-friendly beach. Many sandy shores in Miami don’t allow pets, sadly enough. However, there are also several spots where you can take your furry friend without a problem. At Haulover Beach you’ll find a dog park and a schedule of dedicated dog-friendly beach times. With a leash, you can take your dog to Hobie Beach (also known as Windsurfer Beach). You can also run around with your pet at the beachfront parks in the North Shore Open Space Park.
  2. Bring plenty of water. Your dog is just like you: after running around on a hot summer day, he gets thirsty. And as the saying goes, the beach has “water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” If your pet laps a time or two at the salty sea water, you don’t have to worry about serious consequences. But make sure you bring lots of fresh water to keep him properly hydrated under the blazing sun. If you offer water to your dog frequently, he’ll learn to come to you for a refreshing drink instead of the ocean.
  3. Check your pet’s collar and ID tags. With all of the sights, sounds, and smells, the beach is like an amusement park for your dog. As easy as it is to lose yourself at Disneyland in the excitement, so is it for your furry friend along the seashore. In case your pooch wanders off in pursuit of an interesting sound or an exciting scent, you will want her to be easily identified. Even if she is microchipped, you need to make sure she has clear identification tags to help anyone who may find her. Of course, you can prevent the whole problem by keeping a close watch on your pet at all times.
  4. Apply sunscreen. That’s right, you’re not the only one who needs protection from the sun. Your dog’s ears and nose aren’t covered by their fur and are, therefore, susceptible to sunburn. Breeds with light, short hair like Dalmatians, Boxers, and others are also sensitive to sun damage. Talk to your Miami veterinarian about animal-friendly sunscreen, and apply 30 minutes before hitting the beach.
  5. Moderation in all things. You don’t have to plan the most epic day of your and your pet’s life to enjoy the beach together. Especially if this trip is your dog’s first, take it one step at a time. Start slow and warm up so he doesn’t pull a muscle. Pay attention to his energy level throughout the day. Running around in the sun and on soft sand can sap his energy, just like it would yours, so if you notice your pet losing steam, don’t be afraid to call it a day.

If you want more information about preparing for your own doggie beach day, stop by your veterinarian’s office in Miami today. We want you and your dog to have a wonderful time.


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